Continuing Professional Development Seminars

Culture Catalyst Course

February through March, 2023

Engineers Yukon is facilitating a Culture Catalyst course that focuses on mindfulness and emotional intelligence. It is based on methodologies first taught in Stanford University's famed Creativity in Business course. These practical mindset tools and powerful relaxation techniques are designed to reduce stress, improve peak performance, enhance creativity and promote wellbeing.

In this 8-week program (1 hour per week), members will receive:

  • Improved capacity to manage stress effectively.
  • Practical tools to overcome fear, overwhelm, burnout and anxiety.
  • Increased emotional resilience.
  • Enhanced clarity of thinking, objectivity and perspective to enable greater innovation and creativity.
  • Improved executive functioning of the brain to help overcome fatigue and improve focus.
  • Enriched empathy and the ability to communicate more effectively with others.
  • Skills to overcome procrastination and self-sabotage.
  • A more coherent sense of meaning and purpose at work and a greater connection to coworkers and stakeholders.
  • An increased life-work balance.

Instructor's Bio

Mladenka Dokic is a member of Engineers Yukon. She comes with twenty years of experience in construction, project management and engineering. Throughout her career she worked in various engineering disciplines and roles in remote, mining, and urban settings, including equipment operator, labourer, project manager and professional engineer. Over her years, she noticed a trend. It did not matter where she was working, or if she was working with the private or government sectors, the success of a project depended on the ability of stakeholders to work collaboratively. The bottom line is that our personal lives affect our work lives and vice versa, therefore, if the mental health and wellness of the worker suffers, so too does the success of the project. Outside of engineering and project management, Mladenka is passionate about working with people and businesses navigate obstacles and transitions. She helps them embrace change by getting clear on what they want and guides them to move forward with awareness and clarity to attain their goals and resolutions.

When: 10:00 to 11:00 am
Week 1 - February 1
Week 2 - February 8
Week 3 - February 15
Week 4 - February 22
Week 5 - March 1
Week 6 - March 8
Week 7 - March 15
Week 8 - March 22

Where: Online over Zoom
Classes will be recorded weekly and available for viewing at your own time.

Cost: $1100 per person

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