Engineers Canada Fellowship

In 2007, Engineers Canada created the Engineers Canada Fellowship to honour individuals who have given noteworthy service to the engineering profession in one of the following categories:

  1. Engineers who have:
    1. Assumed office as president of the Engineers Canada Board of Directors;
    2. Assumed office as chair of the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board or the Canadian Engineering Qualifications Board;
    3. Assumed office as president of one of Engineers Canada’s constituent associations;
    4. Served the engineering profession in a volunteer capacity for at least 10 years. The total length of service can be a combination of service on Engineers Canada’s boards and committees and/or service as a volunteer for an Engineers Canada constituent association;
    5. Served in a senior staff capacity with Engineers Canada or a constituent association for a minimum of seven years.
  2. Individuals who are licensed engineers in a jurisdiction other than Canada who have provided an outstanding contribution to the advancement of the engineering profession within Canada.
  3. Non-engineers who have met the requirements of criteria (c), (d) and/or (e) mentioned above.
  4. Recipients of the following Engineers Canada award categories:
    • Gold Medal Award
    • Meritorious Service Award for Professional Service
    • Meritorious Service Award for Community Service
    • Medal for Distinction in Engineering Education
    • Award for the Support of Women in the Engineering Profession

Being bestowed with this honour, means that these dedicated individuals have the privilege of using the designation of “Fellow of Engineers Canada” or FEC or of “Honorary Engineers Canada Fellow” or FEC (Hon.).

Members nominated by Engineers Yukon who have been awarded the Designation Fellow of Engineers Canada:

Brian Ethan Crist, FEC, P.Eng.
Bob Baxter, FEC, P.Eng.
Keith Byram, FEC, P.Eng.
John Cormie, FEC, P.Eng.
Ross Dorward, FEC, P.Eng.
G.C. (Carl) Friesen, FEC, P.Eng.
Vernon Haggard, FEC, P.Eng.
Cord Hamilton, FEC, P.Eng.
Catherine Harwood, FEC, P.Eng.
Walter Hidinger, FEC, P.Eng.
Glynnis Horel, FEC, P.Eng.
Niels Anton Jacobsen, FEC, P.Eng.
Tim Koepke, FEC, P.Eng.
Bob Lorimer, FEC, P.Eng.
Ryan Martin, FEC, P.Eng.
Richard Trimble, FEC, P.Eng.
Rodney Darren Savoie, FEC, P.Eng.
Kimberly King, FEC (Hon.)

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