Engineers Yukon Education Award

Award Information

Engineers Yukon provides financial assistance to Yukon students pursuing post-secondary education in the field of engineering through its Education Award. The Education Award is established and administered according to the following guiding principles and requirements:

  1. There are two awards of equal value.
  2. The value of the awards is established each year by the Association’s Council as part of its budgeting process.
  3. Either or both awards may not be given in any year if suitable candidates are not identified.
  4. Each award is given to a Yukon resident student entering into the second, third or fourth year (or fifth year if enrolled in a five-year program) of a Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board approved university engineering program. A Yukon resident student is considered to be a student who carries a Yukon Health Insurance Plan card.
  5. One award is reserved for a student who is Aboriginal (First Nations, Inuit, or Métis) and/or female. Applicants are therefore asked to indicate their Aboriginal ancestry if applicable. If a suitable candidate is not identified within this category, the award may be given to a suitable candidate.
  6. As a general principle, the awards are made on the basis of equal consideration of academic excellence and non-academic community activities.
  7. Applicants shall provide the following general information:
    • Name
    • Aboriginal Ancestry (if applicable)
    • Permanent Address
    • Mailing Address
    • Phone Number
    • Email Address
    • Name of University and Program
    • University Student Number
  8. Applicants shall provide an official sealed transcript of their previous year’s academic marks together with a letter from the Faculty of Engineering or Science confirming that the student’s grades place them in the top 25% of their class.
  9. Applicants shall provide information regarding non-academic community activities in which they participate or volunteer. Activities may include those in the community in which the student permanently resides or in the community in which the student resides during the academic year. The intent is to demonstrate that the student has a well-rounded personality, is able to communicate well and to work constructively with other people, is willing to contribute to the community, and has good potential to contribute positively to society and to the engineering profession.
  10. Applicants shall write and submit a 150 word essay explaining why they consider that they should receive the award.
  11. Applicants shall provide the names, addresses and telephone numbers of three persons to act as personal character references.
  12. The Deadline is August 31.

Download a printable version of the requirements here.
Download the application form here.

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