July 15, 2022

Golden Horn Elementary Popsicle Stick Bridge Competition!

On June 13th the Engineer's Yukon Outreach Committee attended Golden Horn Elementary to put on an exhibition Popsicle Stick Bridge Competition for the grade 2/3 and Grade 7 classes. Scott Dilling and Darren Thomas were the judges, and were beyond impressed with the loads the bridges, made by teams of 4 using only popsicle sticks and elastic bands, were able to hold. In fact, the judges did not bring enough weights to test all bridges to destruction and had to find more at the school!

Congratulations to the teams who had the best strength to weight ratios: Team "Franklin" for the Grade 7's (taking 27500 g of load with a bridge weight of 220 g) and Team "The Razors" for the Grade 2/3's (taking 6200 g of load with a bridge weight of 170 g). We were pleased to give every participating team Certificates of Achievement and great Engineer's Yukon swag! We hope to see some familiar faces from Golden Horn Elementary when our annual Popsicle Stick Bridge Competition returns!

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